Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are thinking of buying a ticket or have bought one already, we have outlined answers to questions that are sometimes asked. If you are not able to find the information you require, please do get in touch with us at +4420 8979 9988 or [email protected]

1. Which delivery option should I choose?

The following options are available:

Email (Where Available) (free of charge) - An automatic email with a ticket link will be sent as soon as the transaction is completed. This can be sent to either the purchaser or the recipient.

N.B. This is a system generated email and therefore may go to the email recipient's junk or spam email folder. Please also take care when entering email address that it is correct. If an email delivery fails SK Chase will attempt to contact you to advise that the email has been returned to SK Chase 'undelivered' and will try to get another email address. If you have difficulty opening your ticket link please see below.

2. How do I download my e-ticket?

Click ‘View Ticket’ and then ‘Discover Your Ticket’ to view your ticket. Scroll to the bottom of the ticket and click ‘Save and Print Your Ticket’ to download and print. You can view the ticket on all devices (laptop, phone, tablet). You may be able to simply show the gift ticket on your device. Please contact us, using our contact details on the gift ticket or in the footer of this website to check on our policy.

3. I have accidently deleted/lost my ticket, can I get a copy?

If you still have your receipt of purchase, you can click on the link under ‘items ordered’ to retrieve your ticket copy. If you do not have this, use our contact details on the gift ticket or in the footer of this website to ask us to retrieve and send you an e-ticket copy. If you can, please provide the following information:

4. How do I cancel a ticket purchase?

You can cancel your order at any point by selecting the ‘Cancel Order’ button. However, if you have completed the transaction and realise that you’ve made a mistake or purchased a ticket(s) that you no longer want then please see ‘Can my ticket be refunded/how do I refund my order?’

5. Can my ticket be refunded/how do I refund my order?

For UK venues, tickets cancelled within fourteen days of purchase are fully refundable. Outside of the fourteen days of purchase, tickets are non-refundable and a refund request is at the discretion of the venue named on the gift ticket (refund policies may vary depending on venue and location). Please refer to the Terms and Conditions (link in the footer of this website) for more detailed information as there may be circumstances where a refund is not possible (for example – a ticket with specific dates or conditions).

6. How do I order more than 1 ticket?

If you would like to add multiple tickets that are the same, simply click the ‘plus sign’ next to the ticket in your basket. If you would like to add different tickets, simply click ‘add to basket’ on all tickets you would like to purchase.

7. I'm attempting to purchase a ticket but have received a failed transaction message ('Payment has not been accepted') at the end of the transaction.  What should I do next?

There could be several reasons why this may be happening.  Despite there being sufficient funds in an account banks occasionally decline payments due to it being unusual buying behaviour.

This can be easily rectified by contacting the bank and advising them that you are trying to make an online purchase.

Please contact SK Chase directly for further help on 0344 371 0071 or [email protected]

8. I've received my ticket but there is a spelling mistake / error on the personal message.  Can I get it amended and re-issued?

If you have purchased an e-ticket, it is possible to update the personal message with immediate effect. Please contact us, using our contact details in the footer of this website, to request the change. 

9. I have received a ticket but I don't know who it's from.  Can you tell me who bought it for me?

Yes.  Occasionally the person buying the ticket may ask for the tickets to be sent to the recipient directly but forget to add who the ticket is from.

SK Chase has all of the buyers details stored on our system so it can easily retrieve your order and tell you who purchased the ticket.

10. I have received a ticket, how do I redeem it?

Your ticket is your confirmation of booking and must be presented upon arrival.

11. I've lost my ticket.  Can I still make a booking / redeem my experience?

Unless otherwise specified under the terms and conditions of your ticket, the venue should be able to retrieve your ticket on our system by carrying out a name search. If the ticket has been redeemed, please contact the venue directly. The contact details are outlined on the footer of this website and on the venues main website.

12. Are you able to provide me with a VAT receipt?

The venue will only be able to provide a VAT receipt upon redemption of the ticket, once the service has been provided and charged accordingly.

If the ticket has been redeemed, please contact the venue directly. The contact details are outlined on the footer of the ticket website and on the venue’s main website.

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